Family and Couples

At REACH Behavioral Health, we understand how difficult taking that first step to seek therapy can be. We also know that your relationships deserve the focused, compassionate care our therapists can provide in northeast Ohio.

Couples and family counseling are ways to seek help with a professional who understands how you can begin the work of healing. Our licensed professionals will help you unlock stronger communication, greater partner intimacy, more loving conflict resolution, and increased trust. Whether you’ve used couples counseling or family therapy services in the past, or this is your first experience, we are ready to join with you in your journey.

Family-Focused Therapy

Family-focused therapy and couples counseling gives you and your loved ones a space to come together and work toward a common goal: joyful, productive, and healthy relationships. Family therapy and couples counseling may also be an important complement to individual counseling.

You may already know what you’d like to discuss with your therapist, or you may just be feeling stressed, unhappy, or lacking the tools to resolve interpersonal conflicts. REACH therapists are trained and experienced in treating the following issues:

  • Infidelity
  • Infertility or pregnancy loss
  • Bereavement or loss of a child
  • Communication difficulties
  • Lack of trust
  • Anger issues
  • Substance abuse
  • Conflict with extended family
  • Parenting differences
  • Financial differences
  • Parent/child conflict
  • School or behavioral difficulties
  • Blended families
  • Divorce or separation
  • Sibling or extended family conflict
  • Financial issues
  • Chronic illness or caregiving stress
  • Trauma

If any of these issues describe what you are struggling with, please reach out. REACH family therapists are trained to understand how and why family conflicts develop, and will help you cooperatively develop skills to facilitate change.

Goal-Oriented Sessions

Once you visit one of our family counseling centers or connect with your therapist online, you will gain a personal relationship that is confidential and supportive. Together, you will create a personalized therapy plan so everyone can feel confident that you are making progress toward the lives you want and deserve. During regular meetings, you’ll learn new, healthy, and positive communication strategies.

The mission of the licensed family therapy counselors who provide family therapy or couples therapy is increased well-being for all their clients. With families and couples, everyone will have equal space to share and be heard, while your therapist will help you to identify opportunities for individual and collective growth.

Start Healing Today with Family Therapy

Are you ready to begin family therapy or couples therapy services through REACH Behavioral Health’s center for family counseling? Please contact us and we will connect you with a trained and experienced therapist.

Where Can We
Reach You?

If you are interested in beginning this journey of healing, we encourage you to contact us. You will be connected with our intake specialist, who will listen to your needs and pair you with one of our counselors. Taking that first step is always the hardest, but every journey of 1000 miles always begins with one first step.

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