For those with an alcohol use disorder, it can be difficult to identify when help is needed, and even harder to take the first step toward recovery. At REACH Behavioral Health, we understand just how hard that first step can be. What’s important to remember is that help is out there, and through working with an experienced alcohol abuse counselor, healing is possible.

What Are the Signs of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism?

While alcohol use disorders can manifest differently from person to person, it’s important to note some common signs that can indicate that you or your loved one may benefit from alcoholism counseling.

Signs of alcohol abuse can include:

  • An unhealthy pattern of drinking that puts your safety or the safety of others at risk
  • An inability to limit how much or how frequently you drink
  • The desire to cut down on drinking, or unsuccessful attempts to do so
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms after drinking, or drinking to avoid these symptoms
  • A decline in work performance, interpersonal relationships, or daily responsibilities due to alcohol consumption
  • Continued use of alcohol even in unsafe situations, such as driving
  • Strong desires or cravings to drink
  • Secrecy surrounding your alcohol use or hiding consumption from others
  • The inability to get through day-to-day activities without drinking

Recovery Starts with Alcoholism Counseling

Taking the first step toward healing from an alcohol addiction can be the hardest part. But overcoming your substance abuse is possible, and the journey to recovery can be incredibly rewarding.

At REACH, our team of trained therapists and professionals will work with you on an individualized treatment plan in order to tailor your sessions to your specific needs, strengths, and goals. By working with an alcohol abuse counselor, you can not only learn better coping habits and strategies to live a life free of alcohol abuse, but can also work on uncovering the root cause of your alcohol dependency, and move toward healing emotionally, too.

Explore Online Alcohol Abuse Counseling Through REACH

In today’s increasingly digital world, receiving the help you need is more convenient than ever before. REACH offers flexible and supportive online alcohol abuse counseling options in order to make treatment work for you, no matter what your schedule is.

Our team of licensed counselors can work with you through a variety of secure online platforms, allowing you to receive the same support as our in-person therapy, in a flexible and friendly digital environment.

Contact an Alcohol Abuse Counselor Today to Begin Healing

Don’t let alcohol abuse continue to keep you from living your life to the fullest. The trained team of alcohol abuse counselors and therapists at REACH Behavioral Health are ready to help you take the first step toward healing and recovery. Contact us today to learn more and get started.

Where Can We
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If you are interested in beginning this journey of healing, we encourage you to contact us. You will be connected with our intake specialist, who will listen to your needs and pair you with one of our counselors. Taking that first step is always the hardest, but every journey of 1000 miles always begins with one first step.

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