Individual Counseling Services

It takes tremendous strength, courage, and self-respect to ask for help – but it is an indication that you want a solution to your current situation. The counselors at REACH Behavioral Health understand how difficult taking that first step can be. We also know that only you can do it.

Individual counseling is a way to seek help with a professional who listens to you and understands your needs. Whether you’ve used individual therapy services in the past or this is your first experience, the counselors at REACH Behavioral Health are ready to join with you in your healing journey. If you’re in Cleveland, Akron, or the greater northeast Ohio area, choose our individual counseling services to improve your life.

Individual Mental Health Services

Individual therapy services give you a space all your own to grow, heal, and process difficult feelings as they arise. Individual mental health services may also include sessions with spouses, partners, teens, children or families when the need arises. You may already know what you’d like to discuss with your therapist or you may just be feeling stressed, unhappy, or lacking in supportive relationships. In our increasingly complex and stressful world, you may find yourself suddenly struggling with:

individual counseling

If any of these symptoms, or other similar issues, describe what you are struggling with, please get in touch. REACH therapists are trained to understand the how and why of the symptoms, and help you develop skills to facilitate change.

Individual Counseling

You can begin your individual counseling by contacting us either by phone or through our online intake form. An experienced REACH professional will connect with you right away. Our priority is your well-being, and we are committed to making this process feel hopeful, joyful, and rewarding from the very first call. REACH accepts most major insurance plans and offers both in-person and telemedicine services to ensure you will always have access to your provider.

Goal-Oriented Sessions

Once you begin individual counseling, you’ll gain a personal relationship with your therapist that is confidential and supportive. Your personalized therapy plan will help you connect with your therapist about your progress so you can be sure you’re always working toward the life you want and deserve. During regular meetings, you’ll learn new, healthy, and positive coping strategies that truly feel good. The mission of the counselors who provide mental health services is increased well-being for all of their clients.

Start Healing Today

Are you ready to begin individual therapy services in northeast Ohio through REACH Behavioral Health? Our intake form is available 24/7 and we are standing by to connect with you. By choosing REACH individual counseling services, you are choosing a bright future with a happier, healthier, more hopeful you. Wellness starts today.