TeleTherapy Services for Mental Health in Ohio

REACH offers telehealth services through a variety of online platforms (like Zoom and Clients utilizing these teletherapy platforms are connected with a licensed counselor, who provides the same professional and confidential services a client would receive in-person.

Flexible and Convenient Online Therapy

In our increasingly online world, REACH’s telemedicine therapy is designed to be simple, user-friendly, and supportive. In a time of growing complexity, our telehealth therapists are trained to provide warm, compassionate support on intuitive platforms that are easy to access. Many clients find these online counseling and telehealth platforms are more convenient for their schedule, while also receiving core clinical guidance.

Experienced and Trusted Telehealth Therapists

The therapists providing online and telehealth services are the same therapists you would see in person, and these therapists are local to one of our nine counseling locations. Our therapists are trained to provide the same compassionate and confidential care clients would receive during in-person sessions. Many clients find these online and telehealth platforms are more convenient for their schedules and easy to use.

If you begin teletherapy and would prefer to see your counselor in the office you can continue services with that counselor in person at one of our REACH locations.

How to Access Teletherapy Services

All insurance companies and managed care insurers currently cover telehealth services. We will work with your insurance company to ensure the session is covered.

Once you contact our intake staff, you will be connected with our licensed therapists, who will create an individualized treatment plan for you. This plan is based on your mental health history, family history, and unique environmental challenges. Appointments may be made on an individual or recurring basis, depending on your teletherapy treatment plan.

We’re Here for You

We understand that times are tough. Whatever your mental health issue may be, it is vital to seek support during this time. We are available to provide you, your children, and your family the support they need.

To contact a REACH therapist, please submit our online intake form, or call us at (216) 453-1112

We look forward to connecting and helping you on this journey.

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