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Addressing Mental Health Problems Through Understanding, Nurturing and Guidance

When someone you love needs help, or you are simply seeking ways to enhance your life, trust our qualified mental health experts for exceptional care and counseling. We offer a full spectrum of mental health services to meet your specific needs. Whether you desire an informal consultation or require extensive therapy, we are here to help you.

Personalized Care for Every Individual

For individuals in need of mental health therapeutic services

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Strengthening Families Together

For families in need of therapeutic support for individuals in the family and the family system as a whole

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Couples And Family

Children and Adolescent Counseling

Counseling designed for children aged 4-18 with a professional trained in developmentally appropriate therapeutic techniques.

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Group Therapy

Our mission

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Healing Begins with Compassion

REACH is committed to providing mental health care that integrates individual treatment within a compassionate and empathetic therapeutic relationship. A continuum of culturally competent services is incorporated into the therapeutic approach. From its inception, REACH Counseling has been committed to the development of best practices through the utilization of outcomes research of trauma and neuroscience to drive a therapeutic approach that is current, relevant, and effective.

Championing Wellness and Recovery

REACH believes that wellness is a key part of recovery. Movements around the country increasingly focus on wellness education and promotion. The delivery of clinical services, coordination of care, prevention, and wellness services engage clients in improving their individual health and well-being. In addition, research has shown that culturally competent, recovery-oriented services that include the principles of trauma-informed care are the most effective treatment interventions.

Building a Community Together

REACH intends to work with the community to develop plans to improve the integration of care, while promoting a recovery-oriented framework that fosters self-care, self-determination, and personal empowerment and will focus its philosophy of behavioral health care on recovery. In addition to focusing on the wellness of one individual, REACH also believes in treating families in incorporating the family in treatment. Through this process, REACH is able to help families learn to support one another, particularly in cases where one member of the family is a victim of trauma.

A Pledge to Overcome Barriers

Lastly, REACH believes it is important to address other barriers to personal wellness, such as poverty, unemployment, lack of transportation to services, inadequate housing, and the stigma of mental health services, which adversely affect an individual’s capability for wellness. As a mental health provider that focuses on wellness of the person as a whole, REACH will integrate its therapeutic focus with the service needs of the underserved populations to ensure they can access effective treatment.

Central Office Staff

Jerry Swartz

Executive Director

Mara Kampe

Business Operations Manager

Kerryanne Bollman

Director of Finance

Dr. Christine Swartz

Clinical Psychologist

Carolyn Jenson

Director of Clinical Compliance

Lissette Colon-Perez

Director of Counseling

Leah Luzier

Director of Business Operations

Kristi Brown

Director of Human Resources

Leah Walters

Director of Clinical Outreach


REACH has received two Three-Year Accreditations through the international accrediting body, Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), for its Day Treatment Program.

CARF International accreditation provides a visible symbol that assures the public of a provider’s commitment to continually enhance the quality of services and programs with a focus on the satisfaction of the persons served. CARF accreditation signals a service provider’s commitment to continually improving services, encouraging feedback and serving the community.

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