The benefits of family therapy

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Medically reviewed by Neal Swartz

Families are the most important influence on our physical and emotional well-being. While all families are different, over time many will face challenges, including conflict and strained relationships, life transitions and grief, and mental health issues or substance abuse. It’s important to remember that help is out there, and achieving a healthier family system is possible.

Family Counseling at REACH

Seeking family counseling can make a world of difference in opening lines of communication, coping with loss and grief, and adjusting to a new normal after a big change. It can empower families to come out of conflict stronger than ever.

No matter what you are going through as a family, the trained therapists at REACH Behavioral Health can guide you on the road to healing. Family therapy can be beneficial in helping you to do the following.

  • Strengthen relationships – Whether you are looking to help family members in the same household communicate with less conflict, or are working through strained relationships with extended or estranged family members, therapy can give families the tools to manage, repair, and rebuild these relationships.
  • Cope with difficult life and family transitions – Family transitions like divorce or separation can put an emotional strain on parents and children alike. Seeking the help of a trained family therapist can allow all families to navigate these changes and learn healthy coping skills. Family therapy can also be beneficial throughout the transition of blending families, helping family members adjust to a new dynamic at home.
  • Overcome grief – The loss of a parent, child, or sibling can significantly alter a family’s dynamic, and takes an incredible emotional toll on the affected family members. Therapy can help families work through their grief and loss.
  • Improve lines of communication – Many conflicts among family members can be rooted in – or exacerbated by – ineffective communication. Effective communication allows family members to set healthy boundaries, better understand each other’s wants and needs, and work through conflict resolution before problems escalate. Conflicts often escalate when people don’t feel heard and understood. Regardless of the ages of the family members, the trained counselors at REACH Behavioral Health can help all members learn the skills to communicate more effectively.
  • Give struggling family members the support they need – When one member of a family is struggling, whether with mental or behavioral health issues, or substance abuse and addiction, it can negatively impact the entire family. Working through these struggles with a family counselor and exploring the roots of the issues can help all members feel heard and validated. The counselors will also assist each member of the family system in identifying how the conflict is influencing them, as well as to learn healthy skills to manage the impact.

Start Healing as a Family Today

Families are units and when one member of the family is in pain, the entire family system is in pain. In family therapy, the family unit is treated as a whole, and solutions can be identified by involving all members of the family.

At REACH Behavioral Health, we understand that taking the first step to seek out therapy can be the hardest part. With the help of our licensed family counselors, the benefits of family therapy can far outweigh the fear of getting started.

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