Research shows group therapy is an effective tool in treating addiction and substance use issues, because the peer support helps those struggling not feel alone in the journey to recovery.

Just starting the journey to recovery can be frightening and challenging. Our group programs allow you to start this journey with others, in a safe space, supported by a compassionate, empathic therapist.

These peer connections offer an opportunity to share your successes, brainstorm solutions to challenges, and offer support from your lived experience. Group programs are shown to create more durable, lasting change than individual treatment alone, for clients struggling with addiction.

Group therapy is a critical piece of recovery, with unique benefits such as:

  • Peer connection – Meeting people at all stages of their recovery journey creates a sense of interconnection, empathy, and understanding. You may feel shame or social stigma when speaking about your experiences in active addiction, and meeting others with similar stories can help you feel less alienated. Knowing you are not alone helps you share more openly.
  • Accountability – While your therapist is an important resource in setting goals, having a peer group of others working on their sobriety alongside you can help keep you accountable. Simply knowing that other people like you, with your same triumphs and struggles, are invested in your growth is empowering. Peers can motivate you to remain steadfast in your goals, can challenge your excuses, and allow you to thrive in the knowledge that you are accepted and understood.
  • Reflection – It can be difficult to see ourselves with the same clarity as we see others. Group therapy allows us a different perspective on our challenges and triumphs as we watch peers navigate common issues.

REACH offers group therapy as part of our comprehensive addiction and substance use disorder treatment program. For clients receiving medication management for addiction, group therapy is required as a part of your individual treatment plan. Whether or not you are working with a psychiatrist, group therapy is a powerful tool to achieve and maintain sobriety.

Group therapy at REACH is available now. If you are a current client, contact your therapist for more information about whether these programs are a good fit for your treatment plan. If you are not a current client but would like to learn more about group therapy, contact us through our new patient online intake.


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