Our Services

Making a Difference
in the lives of Children

Education Alternatives offers several programs to provide children with the necessary educational, therapeutic, and vocational services needed to succeed. Each child that attends one of Education Alternatives’ programs deserves the opportunity to have a quality education, obtain a steady job, and succeed as an adult.

There are three building blocks that serve as the foundation for all of Education Alternatives’ programs in order to lead our children into a successful future:

Individualized Education – Our students have the right to an appropriate, individualized education that is aimed at their success.

Therapeutic Services – Our students will grow emotionally, behaviorally, and academically when the underlying causes of their difficulties are addressed therapeutically.

Vocational Guidance – Our students’ ability to advance into employment or post-secondary opportunities after high school is paramount to their success in adulthood.

Our Guarantee

Education Alternatives is accredited as a rehabilitative facility through CARF, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitative Facilities. The CARF accreditation is an endorsement that assures that quality services are provided to our children and families. Through CARF accreditation, Education Alternatives can assure its school districts, children and families that they’ve partnered with an organization that is held to the highest national and international standards regarding quality, outcomes-driven programming that leads to positive results.