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Coping with Anxiety Through Counseling

Anxiety is a serious mental illness that can affect so many aspects of life. Anxiety can impact your relationships, career, physical health, and more. Continuing to struggle through anxiety and not living life to the fullest doesn’t have to be your reality. At REACH Behavioral Health, we believe that taking care of yourself while coping with an anxiety disorder is of the utmost importance.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), 40 million American adults suffer from anxiety disorders, and only 36.9% of those people actually receive the treatment they need. We don’t think that’s acceptable, and we are working hard to provide you with the treatment you need as well as destigmatize anxiety and other mental health issues.

Keep reading to find out how you or your loved one can receive critical mental health care and anxiety counseling.

What Is the Best Treatment for Anxiety?

Ultimately the answer to this will depend on your individual needs and unique situation. At REACH, we use cognitive-behavioral therapy for anxiety treatment in most of our counseling sessions. We want to quickly help you uncover root causes and stressors. We will also work with you to find the best method of treatment, such as:

  • Continued counseling
  • Medication
  • Coping mechanisms
  • Natural remedies

You may need any combination of these treatments. Our goal is to understand you and your mental health needs so we can work together to help you live a healthy and successful life.

Online Anxiety Counseling

Many different types of stressors can trigger anxiety, and one of the biggest stressors that we have been collectively dealing with is COVID-19. This pandemic has caused legitimate fear and stress for so many, and it has required most of the world to make operational and social adjustments. That’s a huge and difficult transition for anyone.

At REACH, we understand that the last thing you may want to do is make a trip out in public to attend a counseling session. That’s why we have online therapists available through our telehealth services. You can receive the same care and anxiety treatment at home over an audio or video call that you would by coming to one of our offices in person.

Learn more about our telehealth counseling and anxiety treatment online by visiting our online counseling page.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety

In order to make strides in coping with your anxiety, it’s important to talk through what triggers you and figure out how to manage anxious thoughts and behaviors. For most clients, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is the answer.

We can work with you one-on-one or in a family counseling setting to uncover what may be triggering your anxiety. We also understand that your anxiety may be a mystery to you, surfacing when you think you should be happy and stress-free. Not only can we help you identify stressors in your life, but we can also equip you with practical coping mechanisms to reduce anxiety whenever it appears.

Medicinal Interventions for Anxiety Treatment

Some of the more common medicines that can be taken for anxiety include selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and antidepressants. SSRIs work by blocking serotonin from reaching certain nerves in the brain, which in turn leaves more serotonin available and improves mood. Antidepressants help to regulate your mood by balancing neurotransmitters in your brain.

If you believe that medication is part of the solution for coping with your anxiety, our psychiatrists can help diagnose your specific anxiety disorder and prescribe medication. These services are also available through telehealth psychiatric counseling sessions.

Natural Anxiety Treatment

When you’re going through counseling, it’s important to pair your sessions with coping mechanisms. In individual counseling, we can tailor the best natural remedies to your unique situation. However, there are some things that are helpful to most people who struggle with one or more anxiety disorders.

The most important thing you’ll want to remember about naturally coping with anxiety is taking care of your body. By exercising, eating a balanced diet, and getting enough sleep, you can be at your physical best, and that will have an impact on your mental health as well. You can also practice anxiety management techniques like breathing exercises and meditation to help keep anxiety at bay in your regular routine.

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